Patch Antenna Calculator

This is a tool I developed to assist us at the Cambridge University Spaceflight Club to design a patch antenna for telemetry. It is intended only as a very crude estimate, as I have absolutely no idea how accurately I selected the underlying formulae. Input Parameters: Dielectric Constant: Dielectric Thickness: mm Target Frequency: Hz kHz MHz GHz Target Impedance: Ω Conductor Thickness: μm Velocity Factor: % Results: Patch Width: Patch Length: Feed Methods: Inset Fed: Inset Length: width length qwt_ Probe Fed: Probe Distance from Center: width length dpf Edge Fed: Edge Impedance: Impedance Required for Quarter Wave Transform: Required Trace Width for Quarter Wave Transform: Required Trace Length for Quarter Wave Transform: 50Ω Impedance Microstrip Transmission Line Width: References Patch Antennas for the impedance formulae Quarter Wave Transformer Microstrip Width Calculator for microstrip formulae DESIGN AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A CONFORMAL OMNIDIRECTIONAL MICROSTRIP ANTENNA ARRAY ON CYLINDRICAL SURFACE Study of a conformal UWB antenna designed on various non-planar surfaces Design and Studies on Non-planar Conformal Patch Antennas for Air-borne Vehicles

February 28, 2022 · Infinus