Why quote marks? Because while I’m sure there is a proper way to disable this behavior, I couldn’t find it within 5 minutes of Googling, it was 2.30am, I was tired, my laptop battery life was taking a huge hit from it keeping the dedicated GPU on at all times…

So, I decided to go the barbaric route, and just kill the task after its started. Even the way I’m doing that is pretty crude as well.

The Batch File

@echo off
taskkill /F /IM SWVisualize.BoostService.exe

The /IM allows us to specify the name of the process to be killed, and /F force kills it.

Schedule it to run on startup

This was surprisingly tricky. You need to create a task (NOT a basic task, but just a task) with the windows task scheduler (just search task scheduler in the start menu search bar). Point it to execute the batch file you created, and then crucially, set it to run with elevated privileges. Uncheck “start the task only if the computer is on AC power” under the conditions tab. Then, create a trigger, and specify it to fire “at log on”. I also included a delay of 1 minute, just to be sure visualize boost is all started up, ready to be killed.

The difference making sure the dedicated GPU is off unless absolutely necessary makes to the battery life of my laptop is seriously non-trivial!